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hai un link a questa risposta, che condivido anche altrove?

grassie :;)
che e' ovvio, per noi, ma non per tutti

> (...)
> /just a few months after telling the Copyright Office that users 
> couldn't be trusted with access to their devices, the EPA revealed a 
> major scandal involving Volkswagen. It turns out that Volkswagen had 
> for many years cheated the emissions test performed by the EPA. 
> Volkswagen had surreptitiously included some code in their diesel 
> vehicles that would detect the EPA's tests and have the car change its 
> performance in order to meet EPA mandates. Once the test was over, the 
> code would revert the vehicle to its normal, high-polluting 
> functioning. This scam apparently went on for years before it was 
> detected by researchers. /
> /Of course the irony is that if users and researchers had the right to 
> access the software on their cars, they might have discovered this 
> fraud years ago. As Eben Moglen, founder of the //Software Freedom Law 
> Center <https://www.softwarefreedom.org/>////noted 
> <http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/23/nyregion/volkswagens-diesel-fraud-makes-critic-of-secret-code-a-prophet.html>//"If 
> Volkswagen knew that every customer who buys a vehicle would have a 
> right to read the source code of all the software in the vehicle, they 
> would never even consider the cheat, because the certainty of getting 
> caught would terrify them.” Volkswagen is already a contributor on the 
> kernel Linux, and as Bradley M. Kuhn, President and Distinguished 
> Technologist of the //Software Freedom Conservancy 
> <https://sfconservancy.org/>//pointed out it is likely that Volkswagen 
> vehicles already contain some free software. But some is not all, and 
> clearly they kept much of their software secret in order to hide their 
> scam.
> /(...)
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