[Linux-Biella] Software libero e Volkswagen

Carla Fava c.fava a bilug.it
Mar 29 Set 2015 15:43:54 CEST

questa mi  piaciuta

/just a few months after telling the Copyright Office that users 
couldn't be trusted with access to their devices, the EPA revealed a 
major scandal involving Volkswagen. It turns out that Volkswagen had for 
many years cheated the emissions test performed by the EPA. Volkswagen 
had surreptitiously included some code in their diesel vehicles that 
would detect the EPA's tests and have the car change its performance in 
order to meet EPA mandates. Once the test was over, the code would 
revert the vehicle to its normal, high-polluting functioning. This scam 
apparently went on for years before it was detected by researchers. /

/Of course the irony is that if users and researchers had the right to 
access the software on their cars, they might have discovered this fraud 
years ago. As Eben Moglen, founder of the //Software Freedom Law Center 
Volkswagen knew that every customer who buys a vehicle would have a 
right to read the source code of all the software in the vehicle, they 
would never even consider the cheat, because the certainty of getting 
caught would terrify them.” Volkswagen is already a contributor on the 
kernel Linux, and as Bradley M. Kuhn, President and Distinguished 
Technologist of the //Software Freedom Conservancy 
<https://sfconservancy.org/>//pointed out it is likely that Volkswagen 
vehicles already contain some free software. But some is not all, and 
clearly they kept much of their software secret in order to hide their scam.
Donald Robertson
Free Software Foundation


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