[Linux-Biella] Intervista a Torvalds sui brevetti

Daniele Segato daniele.bilug a gmail.com
Lun 7 Nov 2011 10:24:34 CET

Non che mi aspettassi qualcosa di diverso :)

It’s like using English words but there are different meanings to them.
Software patents? No. Process patents? No. They just don't make sense.
SCO was a classic example of that. [...] 10 years! I don't know how many
hundreds and millions of dollars IBM and Novell spent on fighting
completely bogus crap stuff;

poi beh.. se non concludeva cosė: "I mean Java I really don't care
about. What a horrible language. What a horrible VM. So, I am like
whatever, you are barking about all this crap, go away. I don't care."

avrei anche potuto dire che quotavo tutto :)

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