[Linux-Biella] search e resolv.conf

Claudio M. cmaffio a bilug.linux.it
Mar 29 Maggio 2007 17:57:03 CEST

leonardo LeOS buffa ha scritto:
> lol io ho provato ingenuamente a mettere due search :D
> grazie mille :)
hehehe, bacchettata a leo!! :)

man resolv.conf
search Search list for host-name lookup.
The search list is normally determined from the local domain name; by 
default, it contains only the local domain  name.  This may be changed 
by listing the desired domain search path following the search keyword 
with spaces or tabs separating the names.  Resolver queries having fewer 
than ndots dots (default  is  1) in  them  will  be attempted using each 
component of the search path in turn until a match is found.  For 
environments with multiple subdomains please  read  options  ndots:n  
below  to  avoid  man-in-the-middle attacks  and  unnecessary  traffic 
for the root-dns-servers.  Note that this process may be slow and will 
generate a lot of network traffic if the servers for the listed domains 
are not local, and  that  queries will time out if no server is 
available for one of the domains.

The search list is currently limited to six domains with a total of 256 


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